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I’ve already purchased an OmmWriter licence, but my computer crashed, or I reinstalled
the operating system, or I bought a new computer, and I’ve lost the app.

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What are the differences between OmmWriter Gaia and OmmWriter Dana?

OmmWriter Gaia is the version of the app for Mac desktop, and OmmWriter Dana is the version for Windows. Both have the same essence and spirit, but they do have different features.

Gaia was released in 2017 and offers a series of new features, backgrounds, audio tracks, text formatting options, new exporting/saving options (.doc, .pdf), etc. For more information, take a look here.

Dana is a little bit older, offers fewer options and may present some issues when running with the latest Windows 10. If you use Windows 7 or 8, however, it will work like a charm.

Gaia exists only for Mac desktop, there’s no version of it available for Windows so far.

Is there an iPad version of OmmWriter?

There was an iPad version of OmmWriter, but it has not been updated for a long time, and unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the latest iOS 12. That’s why it’s no longer available at the App Store.

Is there an iPhone version of OmmWriter?

Presently we don’t have an iOS version of OmmWriter, but we’re working on it. However, we don’t have a scheduled date for launching yet.

Does OmmWriter work with Windows 10?

OmmWriter Dana may present some problems when running with Windows 10. It works perfectly with the previous versions of Windows, 7 and 8, but some minor issues appeared with 10. We’re very sorry about that, but it is out of our control for now. However, updating the Windows version is on our roadmap.

If you bought the app and it doesn’t work properly for you, just let us know and we’ll give you a refund.

Which version of OS X do I need to have in order to use OmmWriter?

Mac OS X 10.10 is the minimum required for Gaia to run properly.

If your Mac is running with OS X 10.9, OmmWriter Gaia won’t work properly. If you can’t update your operating system, then you should use the previous version of OmmWriter for Mac, called Dana II. If you’re interested, please let us know and we’ll send you the corresponding code for a free download. (If you use Dana II, however, you won’t enjoy all the new features of the upgraded version of the app).

Which browser should I use to download OmmWriter?

If you had problems downloading OmmWriter, it may be a browser-related issue. So, we suggest you try again, but from a different browser (some users have had problems with Safari, for instance).

When I enter my licence key (Windows), it appears in red. What should I do?

When you start typing the key in the box, the system instantly tries to recognize it, even if it’s not complete. That’s why it turns red. But if you keep typing until the end, when the key is complete, the system recognizes and accepts it. So, just type it until the end, please! Another way is to copy-paste the key in.

How can I update OmmWriter?

If you use OmmWriter on Mac, and your licence is prior to the launch of Gaia (2017), you can update the app for free, by clicking here.

If you use OmmWriter on Windows, there’s no updated version available.

Is the version in the App Store the same version that you offer on your website?

Yes, they are exactly the same. The only difference is that, if you bought the app through the Mac App Store, you will receive updates automatically. But if you bought it on our website, you have to do it manually, by clicking here.

If I download the new version, will I still have access to the old version?

No, the new version will overwrite the old one. You won’t have any more access to the old one.

Does OmmWriter support Linux?

No, it doesn’t. Sorry about that.

Does OmmWriter support Kindle?

No, it doesn’t. Sorry about that.

Does OmmWriter work on Chromebook?

At the moment, there’s no version of OmmWriter available for Chromebook

Does OmmWriter support the iTunes family sharing feature?

Technically the licence of an app bought from the Mac App Store can be used on different computers as long as the iTunes user is logged into the same account that made the purchase.


Which payment methods can I use to purchase OmmWriter?

The OmmWriter payment system goes through Redsys or Stripe. Presently we don’t have a PayPal system available, sorry about that.

If I buy several OmmWriter licences, can I get a discount?

If you want to purchase a pack of at least five licences (Gaia or Dana), it will be our pleasure to offer you a special 30% discount on each of them.

Is the OmmWriter licence a one-time payment? Apart from the purchase price, will I have to pay a subscription, or an on-going fee?

The pricing system of the Gaia and Dana versions of OmmWriter is a single payment, without no time limit for use. There’s no limit for using the licence: it will last as long as it’s compatible with the operating system of your computer. We mean, the limit won’t come from us, but from the successive updates of your operating system.

On our website you can find the minimum price we’re asking for, and from that point, you can decide to pay more for it, if you consider that the app is great and deserves more. We have no subscription system available, nor any on-going fee.


How can I save my documents in OmmWriter?

During the process of writing, you can save your document with the following arrows, with direct access on your screen, next to the text box:

The first one is for saving changes to an already created file, while it’s open and you keep writing in it.

The second one is to create a new file.

The third one is to open a previously created file.

The files are automatically created with an .omm extension.

How can I export my OmmWriter documents to other formats?

DANA (OmmWriter for Windows)

If you go to the File menu (hidden at the top, on the left of your screen), you can save or export to: txt, pdf, mail, rtf, doc and docx.

DANA (OmmWriter for Windows)

In the Windows version of OmmWriter, you can save files only as .omm or .txt, and also, export to pdf. PDF exporting can be found in the File menu in the top left corner that is viewable by pressing ALT on your keyboard or by moving your mouse to the top of the window. Exporting to .doc or .docx is only available in the version for Mac.


Which keyboard shortcuts can I use in OmmWriter?

Here are OmmWriter’s functionalities regarding shortcuts (available in the Help section of the menu).

To apply them, first you have to select the text.

The Windows version of OmmWriter does not have any keyboard shortcuts besides minimizing window by pressing CTRL + M or resetting layout by pressing CTRL + R. However, the Windows version has basic text transformation tools available in the Edit menu which appears by pressing ALT on your keyboard or by moving your mouse to the top of the window.

Does OmmWriter automatically backup my work?

OmmWriter Gaia for Mac offers a backup feature. The auto saved files are stored in a designated section (Show Backups) that you can find in your File menu:

The Windows version does not currently have an automatic backup feature.

Can OmmWriter be used on multi-screen devices?

Unfortunately, OmmWriter does not currently work properly in a multiscreen mode. This is something we’ll work out for a future update.

Can I resize the writing area?

Yes, you can resize the writing area, this is one of the basic features of the app. But there’s a minimum size and you can’t get a box smaller than this minimum size. The writing box area can grow to the left and to the right. But, to the right, the space is limited by the screen menu. Also, it’s not possible to change the size by default of the text window when you start a new text.

When I minimize the app, can I keep the music playing?

There’s no option to keep the music playing when minimizing or closing the app.

The idea is to create an enveloping environment when you’re using OmmWriter, and if you leave the app, you leave this environment. It’s one of the basic features of the app, and we’ve designed it that way on purpose: to create a “bubble” with its own atmosphere, where you can concentrate on writing; if you leave the bubble, the music stops automatically.

Are the audio tracks of OmmWriter available for purchase, independently from the app?

Sorry, but presently, they are not. But they soon will be, hopefully.

Is it possible to lower the volume of the music and to increase the typing sound separately?

No, it’s not possible to lower the volume of the music and to increase the typing sound separately. Both depend on the volume you set on your device. What you can do is to turn off the music or the typing sound, separately (last circle on the right, in the images).

Can I customize the backgrounds of the app, or change to my own images?

OmmWriter doesn’t allow the user to customize the backgrounds (or the music). You can choose any of the backgrounds available on the app, and switch from one to another very easily. With the Gaia version for Mac, you can choose between 10 different backgrounds, specially designed to stimulate focus and inspiration. With the Dana version for Windows, you can choose between 8 backgrounds.

Does OmmWriter support non-Latin keyboards and text?

OmmWriter for Mac supports the following non-Latin characters: Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, Katana), Korean, Georgian, Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew and Greek.

In addition to the Latin alphabet, OmmWriter for Windows supports: Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, Katana), Korean, Georgian, Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew and Greek characters.

Does OmmWriter have Markdown support?

OmmWriter doesn’t support Markdown markup language at the moment. You can’t save files with .md extension. Sorry.